How Much Do You Charge Per Square Foot For Pressure Washing

Pressure washing

Learning a skill has started to become far more useful than getting a degree, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that this skill acquisition process will take around twenty five percent of the time and you will be more than ready to start earning money in some way, shape or form right after you are done. Instead of having to go through a grueling internship process in which you would barely even be paid for all that you have worked for hard for, you can begin earning just compensation more or less immediately at any given point in time.

Pressure washing

That said, you can’t just randomly start offering webster pressure washing and expect to earn an adequate quantity of revenue for it without first and foremost nailing down your per square foot charges. Suffice it to say that charging for each square foot is the single best way to ensure that you would get the right amount of payment, and in our experience the ideal sum to charge in this manner is around thirty five cents.

Thirty five to fifty cents per square foot is the market average, so you would do well to stay within this range whenever it is feasible for you. Higher rates might seem profitable at the outset, but you would soon realize that they are alienating a lot of customers who would otherwise have been more than happy to hire you. Thirty five cents per square foot gives you a reasonable time window in which you can complete the task without it becoming too much of a burden.

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