Why Business Cards Continue to Thrive

As we continue evolving as a species, we learn to adapt to our growing needs, and at the same time, we let go of practices and things that no longer serve or benefit us. We used to travel in caravans and carriages, but then we moved to cars, bikes, and high-speed trains and whatnot. Similarly, we wore clothes with multiple layers that required assistants to help us get into them, and we now do no such thing, and so on. At the same time, some old trends continue to stay and thrive simply because they continue to benefit us and are needed. One example of this is the use of business cards. We live in the era of social media and websites like LinkedIn, yet you will still find people exchanging business cards to connect and network. Of course, the designs have been changed, and the latest trend in design include Black Metal Kards, but the practice itself continues to thrive in America, and throughout the world. In Japan, it is considered to almost be a part of normal greetings for adults to exchange their business cards.

A lot of major companies and enterprises have marketing and networking teams, but the use of business cards amongst different people when they meet continues. This is because a lot of business owners still enjoy the exchange of business cards, and quite a few of them are generally old-fashioned and like traditionally conducting their business. At the same time, the exchange of business cards is considered to be a formality and part of the process of meeting other professionals and businessmen. It is considered to be a sort of greeting in the business world, and everyone carries their wallet with them, so putting in business cards there just seems part and parcel of the process. So, don’t throw out your business cards, but definitely revamp them with a new design, or new material like metal if you want to stand out.

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